Jan M

I have worked with several personal trainers during my life, and Ron is by far the best. He is always prepared for our sessions and doesn’t waste time running all over the gym looking for different pieces of equipment, and he has a plan in place before I arrive. I definitely leave feeling like I’ve gotten my money’s worth (and then some!). He keeps track of what we have done previously, and mixes up every single session. At age 66, I have different goals than many others. I’m attempting to get stronger, have more stamina, prevent/diminish bone loss, and improve my balance. Ron has helped me make vast improvements in reaching my goals. He pushes me, which is what I need, because I tend to stay with what is comfortable. But he also knows and respects my limitations. I leave feeling GREAT after every single session! I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do the Saturday morning boot camp, but I can make adjustments when necessary and leave knowing I did my best. If I can do it, anyone can! I admire his dedication to his profession and look forward to learning more and more from him in the future. Unlike many other male trainers who think the goal is big bulging muscles, Ron is committed to a complete healthy lifestyle, which is really more important in the big scheme of life. If you are looking for an awesome personal trainer, Ron is your guy.