Erika J

From the first day of training with Ron I knew he would be a person that could help me achieve my fitness goals. He has changed my life for the better through diet and exercise. During the time I have been training with Ron, I have been continually impressed by his sincere passion to help clients. His knowledge of fitness gives a wide range of workouts that challenge me every single time. Ron has educated me on diet as well with information that not only targets weight loss, but better health as well.

I have mostly been training one-on-one with Ron, but I have also trained with a partner with him and I have been to classes that he instructs. Ron is intuitive with each client and is caring and attentive to each clients needs and limitations and how far he can push them. I have recommended his services to everyone! Although he has taught me well, and I would be able to workout on my own, I plan to continue to work with Ron for quite some time because he encourages me and makes it fun.