Kim P

 I started training with Ron at the end of April when my fiancé left for the army. I knew he was going to come home in shape, and I wanted him to come home to a hot wife and make his mouth drop. I started my journey at 199 pounds with my height at 5’9. I felt like I had tried everything to loose the weight, and the scale was not budging. I was starting to get discouraged and loosing motivation. Ron started training me and giving me meal plan ideas, substitutes for my favorite junk foods. He always pushed me and never let me quit! He held me accountable in our training, and with the food I was consuming. Every time I wanted to quit, he motivated me and reminded me what the end goal was. One thing I can say that really made him stand apart from other trainers I had in the past, was that he celebrated with me every pound I had lost and no matter how big it was or how small it was. He would always shoot me a text to check in on me or ask what I had eaten that day! He cheered me on during work outs and the progression I was making in the gym. Running longer and faster, lifting more and heavier weights. In April I was 199 pounds and now today 8/30/2017 I’m down to 164 pounds! I weigh less now than when I did when I got pregnant with my second kid. I always used the excuse that my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be because I had two kids. He never allowed me to make excuses for not coming to training or the food choices I was making. I never thought I’d be were I’m at today! If it wasn’t for Ron I don’t know if I could have ever gotten to were I wanted to be and were I am now. 35 pounds down and 5 pant sizes! If you want to get in shape and have someone who will motivate you, he’s the guy! Don’t take my word for it! Let the pictures speak for themselves! I can’t say thank you enough for being one of the best trainers I have ever had and helping me exceed my goals! He made the impossible possible, and I can’t wait to make my future husband’s mouth drop when he sees me walking down the aisle!